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The World Blogging Forum 2009 – First Edition at Bucharest

Durind these days Bucharest, the capital of Romania is the international place of meeting for the bloggers all over the world. In the Parliament Palace, in a round room where usually the most important international meetings are taking place, the bloggers are talking about their social networking perspectives and problems.

For more details concerning the agenda, the participants, the speakers as well as photos frum the Parliament Palace please click here:

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Mihaela Radulescu v/s Libertatea

The hottest blog.
On .

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RoBlogfest si-a desemnat castigatorii

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Bloggers’ Karaoke Blog&Roll Party

Petreceri/Blog & Roll 2 | Fa-ti vocea auzita!

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Feedback is 50

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Romanian famous bloggers (4)

Today we present to you :


These blogs are very famous too in the Romanian “blogosfera”.

Just click the adress and you will see…

By the way, do you know the meaning of the words cocalar and jeg? If you don’t know check with google translate or babel fish, or ignore the translation.

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Romanian bloggers (3)

One of the funniest blog in Romanian blogosfera is :

What could be better than that…check ZeList to see with yr eyes:

Boyz & girlz you have to remain as you are, it’s not necessary to grow up if you can not…


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Blog about celebrities and their hobbies

It is chic and stylish, have a look:

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A good advice for new bloggers from Cabral

Who has eyes to read and who has ears to listen: to be a good blogger it’s not good enough to be rude, unpolite and to act as a judge, to insult everybody, to use dirty words and explicit themes.

You could be the best, being a normal educated human being, such as Cabral

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Romanian bloggers (2)

This is about a famous blogger from Romania

and other similar names:


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