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Whitney Houston at Oprah

Oprah kicks off the 24th season of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on Monday, 9/14 with what she says is “the best interview” she’s ever done – her one-on-one with Whitney Houston.
The last tell-all that Whitney participated in was the infamous 2002 Diane Sawyer “crack is wack” interview that showed a feisty but ill Whitney defending her marriage and lifestyle.
Now with her marriage to Bobby Brown over (the divorce finalized in 2007) and her new album “I Look to You” entering the charts at No. 1, Whitney Houston has shed some demons and is ready to get truthful with her fans.

oprah & whitney houston

Before Oprah met with Whitney for their interview at the Town Hall in New York, she watched the 2002 Diane Sawyer spectacle and worried that she might find the same disconnected woman across from her the next day. So when she woke up the next morning, Oprah cleared her schedule and began to pray. She prayed to be open and non-judgmental and she prayed to be used as a vessel to help Whitney share her truth. Across town Whitney was in her own room praying for the same results.

Apparently, it worked. “There wasn’t a question that I asked that she didn’t answer thoughtfully,” Oprah told Diane Sawyer Thursday morning. And no topic was off limits, including Whitney’s drug use, her marriage to Bobby Brown, and even her fears about returning to the spotlight.

Source: Yahoo TV

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Dr. Oz leaving Oprah Winfrey for his own talk show

A young production staffer at “The Dr. Oz Show” wasn’t buttering up her boss when she took a bite out of a carrot as he approached in an elevator lobby recently.

Vegetables were on the menu. So were fruit, yogurt, whole-grain breads and natural peanut butter. True to a mission of making Americans healthier one at a time, Dr. Mehmet Oz banned all junk food backstage at his new talk show.

“The Dr. Oz Show,” starring the heart surgeon and health evangelist, debuts Sept. 14. It’s perhaps the most eagerly anticipated syndicated talk show since another Oprah Winfrey associate, Dr. Phil McGraw, went solo in 2002, said Bill Carroll, a market expert for Katz Television.

Oz has a sleek new studio at New York’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza in the same room where Conan O’Brien worked before heading West. Its most fearsome element is the “truth tube,” a platform that can display a person’s weight, body fat and other health indicators, much like “The Biggest Loser” scale.

His goal is to make health information interesting and entertaining without trivializing it.

“There is no question we can save lives every day if we can motivate people to do what we’re talking about,” Oz said in a backstage conversation over lunch (salads, of course). “The challenge isn’t what to say — because we know that — the challenge is how to say it so people are motivated.”
The rest of the article here.

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Cher, Oprah & Tina – three amazing ladies

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