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The biggest Christmas Giveaway!

Join the Seasons’ Greetings Giveway!


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The World Blogging Forum 2009 – First Edition at Bucharest

Durind these days Bucharest, the capital of Romania is the international place of meeting for the bloggers all over the world. In the Parliament Palace, in a round room where usually the most important international meetings are taking place, the bloggers are talking about their social networking perspectives and problems.

For more details concerning the agenda, the participants, the speakers as well as photos frum the Parliament Palace please click here:

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RoBlogfest si-a desemnat castigatorii

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Cei mai tari bloggari din blogosfera romaneasca

Bloggarii fara blog, acestia sunt cei mai tari bloggari din blogosfera. Ei se plimba pe platforme, lasa urme pe bloguri sub forma de comentarii rautacioase si se retrag pe urma in barlogul lor real, ca virtual ori nu au ca-i greu de intretinut, ori il tin secret. Ei se recomanda cu nick-uri ciudate derivate din imaginatia lor labila. Sunt ca un fel de paria de blog.

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Bloggers’ Karaoke Blog&Roll Party

Petreceri/Blog & Roll 2 | Fa-ti vocea auzita!

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Romanian fast growing blogs (II)

Today we would like to present two blogs very active this week: -a kind of warrior

Blogul Jos textila – a kind of take your cloth off…

Now, enjoy!

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Romanian fast growing blogs (II)

Because we like gossip doesn’t matter why, when and where, we have again the pleasure to show you this and I assure you that is not the only one in the Romanian blogosfera, there are a lot.

We do not know whether is pure literature or fiction or real life. But who knows? Nobody, for sure…

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Romanian fast growing blogs

Today we have pleasure to present to you another fast growing blog with silly stories, I wonder if the author will continue like this:

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Romanian famous bloggers (4)

Another famous blog in the Romanian “blogosfera” is this one:

At the beginning, when everybody was talking about newcomers in “blogosfera”, we were thinking that some kids are hiding behind the screen, but now we can see that we  are facing here real professionals, they are not kidding, they are very good in what are doing and very bad in what are collecting. Because nobody could escape: they know everything about everybody, they are very good in how to become famous taking advantage from stupidity, unexpected situations, weakness, desire to succeed of people all around.

We admire the famous bloggers and wish them good luck in the future, because painful and silly things are happening every day.

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Romanian bloggers (3)

One of the funniest blog in Romanian blogosfera is :

What could be better than that…check ZeList to see with yr eyes:

Boyz & girlz you have to remain as you are, it’s not necessary to grow up if you can not…


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