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The Swine Flu revealed in 40 Questions and Answers

The Swine Flu is provoked by a powerful virus AH1N1 and is a major concern these days for everybody. We’ve put together 40 questions and answers about this disease and about what do we have to do to avoid being contaminated with it.

1. What is The Swine Flu?
The Swine Flu is a respiratory infectious disease.

2. How it can be transmitted?
It is transmitted by air from one person to another.

3. Which are the symptoms?
Fever 37,5 – 38 degrees Celsius, cough, water-type nose secretions, headaches, muscular pain and extreme general weakness.

4. Why is the virus so aggressive?
Because it modifies itself with every transmission from one person to the other.

5. Which are the complications?
Serious pulmonary infections.

6. In what conditions can be deadly?
If the immunitary system is weak , you suffer from a chronic disease or if you don’t go to the doctor.

7. Which are the treatments?
Antivirals and not antibyothics.

8. How can we protect ourselves?
By having a strictly hygiene, avoiding crowded places and contact with persons already infected.

9. How do we have to wash hands?
We have to wash hands with water and soap until the joints, and even to wash the jewellery.

10. How do you clean the nose?
In a disposable hankerchief which have to be throwed away immediately in the trash.

11. How do you sneeze?
Ideally is to sneeze in a towel or if you don’t have one keep the mouth towards the shoulder.

12. How to behave if I meet someone?
Avoid shake hand or embrace that person.

13. How can I protect myself in the public transportation?
Use a scarf to cover the nose and the mouth.

14. What do I have to do if a colleague has the swine flu symptoms?
I keep the distance and advice him or her to go immediately to the doctor.

15. Can I be infected through a kiss?
Absolutely, the virus can be transmitted through saliva.

16. Can I protect myself through nourishment?
It depends from case to case, but eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables you stranghten the immunitary system.

17. Which is the difference between The Swine Flu and the regular seasonary flu?
The symptoms are different, are much easier in case of the Swine Flu.

18. Which persons are the most exposed to The Swine Flu Virus?
The young persons, the medical staff and employees from the public services.

19. How can I test myself and where?
The test consists in taking a pharyngeal exudates and also taking samples from nose secretions. The tests are made in infectious diseases departments of the hospitals.

20. How soon do I have to go to the doctor?
Immediately when you realize that this is not a regular cold and you have the specific symptoms.

21. Is there any vaccine?

22. Where it is made?
In the hand.

23. How useful is it?
It protects you against the complications of the Swine Flu and limits the spreading of the virus. According with the statistics, 92% from the adults react positively to the vaccine and so also 85% from the children and 80% from the persons above 65 years old.

24. Who should take the vaccine?
The pupils above 14 years old, youngsters from high schools, medical staff, the employees from the essential public services, the persons above 65 years old with high risk for complications and the pregnant women.

25. Does it have secondary effects?
Headaches, muscular pain, fever, nosea, general bad state, local tumefaction. The reactions are easy and disappear in 24 – 48 hours (the local ones).

26. Does the vaccine for the regular flu protects me from the Swine Flu?
The vaccins for the regular flu doesn’t protects us against the AH1N1 virus provoked flu.

27. Can we have both the vaccins?
If they are made at a time distance of 2 weeks and in different arms doesn’t influence the body in any way.

28. Does the usual flu medications help?
No, they don’t in this case.

29. What contraindications does the vaccine have?
The vaccine is not intended for people with sever egg-allergy.

30. Are there risks for pregnant women?
Nu, there are not.

31. Starting with what age any child can receive the vaccine?
Starting with 6 months old.

32. How do you protect the baby until gains the age suitable for receiving the vaccine?
Keep the baby away from crowded areas and breast feed.

33. Why the young people are more exposed than the older ones?
The older ones are more protected because, probably, in the past they were exposed to a similar virus.

34. What kind of protection do I receive from wearing masks?
Usually a minimum one. Only the ones of type FFP2 with expiration valve.

35. Do I have to remain at home from the first symptoms?

36. For how many days do I have to stay isolated?
For a period of 7 days.

37. How do I protect my family if I will get ill?
You will remain isolated in a room and avoid the contact with the rest of the family.

38. Which are the most affected areas?
United States and Europe.

39. When and where appeared this disease?
April 2009 in Mexic.

40. Which is the most pessimistic scenario in Europe?
Between 40.000 and 220.000 deceases, according with The European Union.

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Madonna a sosit la Bucuresti

In aceasta seara 70000 de spectatori vor vedea show-ul Madonnei in Parcul Izvor.

Madonna si-a sarbatorit la Varsovia pe scena cei 51 de ani. Pe urma a concertat la Budapesta in 22 August, la Belgrad in 24 August. Va fi un spectacol de exceptie.

Turneul Sticky&Sweet include 58 de orase si aduna incasari de peste 400 milioane dolari.

Madonna calatoreste insotita de prietenul ei in varsta de 22 de ani si de cei 4 copii ai sai. Este cazata la Hotelul Radisson SAS .

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A 2,010-Calorie Shake?!?! (and Other Shocking Drinks to Avoid)

Americans have a drinking problem—we simply consume too much nutrient-empty, calorie-full liquids. Blame food marketers for the ever-expanding serving vessels, chock-full of cheap sugar substitutes, a variety of hard-to-pronounce chemicals, and tons of fats. But it’s not all doom and gloom—it turns out, those liquid calories are the easiest kind to cut. And a recent study from Johns Hopkins University found that people who cut liquid calories from their diets lose more weight—and keep it off longer—than people who cut food calories. In fact, cutting those calories in half could mean you could drop around 23 pounds in one year!

Two years ago, Eat This, Not That! exposed the 20 Unhealthiest Drinks in America. The list was bad in the scary, jaw-dropping sense: Belt-busting beverages that tipped the scales at over 1,000 (and sometimes, 2,000) calories; hundreds of grams of blood-glucose-spiking sugar, and a slew of unnatural and exotic-sounding additives.

The good news is that many of these beverages have since disappeared from menus and grocery aisle shelves. The bad news, of course, is that even worse monster-malts and Franken-shakes have popped up in their place. That’s why, in our all-new book, Eat This, Not That! The Best (and Worst!) Foods in America! we’ve updated our list of the absolute worst drinks to avoid—and offered sensible alternatives, so you can still enjoy your meals and beverages, but lose weight anyway. Here are the top 4.

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