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The World Blogging Forum 2009 – First Edition at Bucharest

Durind these days Bucharest, the capital of Romania is the international place of meeting for the bloggers all over the world. In the Parliament Palace, in a round room where usually the most important international meetings are taking place, the bloggers are talking about their social networking perspectives and problems.

For more details concerning the agenda, the participants, the speakers as well as photos frum the Parliament Palace please click here:

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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret

A new breakthrough secret is all you now need in order to forever shed countless pounds, stay healthy, and add many years to your life!

A lady doctor from Arizona has blown the lid off the best-kept secret in weight loss ever discovered — and this has the whole diet food and drug industries turned upside down and in nothing less than a torrential uproar.

Her name is Dr Suzanne Gudakunst, and she’s marching to the beat of a different drum.

And no, nothing about her “secret” is difficult — nor does it require that you do something completely out of the ordinary or anything unnatural.

Instead, the Arizonian boasts proudly “…this is something that I caught onto just before 2002 when there was so much research and exploration going around concerning the human colon and digestive system working in harmony with nutritional absorption, and I started doing independent studies just to test things at first … but which I later expanded on after seeing some fantastic results.”

This same woman medical practitioner went on to accurately determine a definitive correlation between harmful plague and parasitic infestations of the human bowel tract, and people suffering chronic obesity — and who despite intense diet and exercise appeared to be unable to lose any weight whatsoever.

Over the course of six years the Arizona doctor developed a number of natural treatments for the removal of these same harmful, even life-threatening plaques and rapidly reproducing digestive parasites — and when applied to even worse-case patients suffering extreme obesity (98% of which were in immediate danger of dying) she saw a 100% effectiveness and success rate.

She then borrowed from her research on the severely obese, and applied the same strategies on milder cases of overweight persons — only to find the same effectiveness and quality results as described above (although the individual weight loss per subject wasn’t nearly as much as those obese patients 100 lbs to 200 lbs or more overweight).

So powerful is her secret that she’s able to reverse diabetes, rid illness altogether in people suffering from cancer (linked directly to poor diet and overweight factors), as well as an elimination of an entire spectrum of serious and otherwise life-threatening diseases.

Nearly 100% of all her case subjects were told in the alternative by “conventional doctors” that they either had just months or years to live, or they would never live a life anything resembling remotely a “normal” existence — yet after applying Dr Suzanne’s treatments saw a complete contradiction to others doctors’ prognoses.

Again, nothing about her secret is unnatural or requires someone to do any major action or modification in their lives.

In fact, her entire treatment is based completely on built-into-nature ‘protection agents’ scattered throughout the world in the form of select herbs, extracts, and organic constituents, and which can be found in a variety of plants — but when combined in specific combinations and carefully chosen amounts make for a solution to what is perhaps the world’s worst ever plague: OBESITY (and the illnesses and diseases resulting from it — or at least severely aggravated or exacerbated by it).

Now to everyone else’s great gain, whether suffering from just a few extra pounds and inches, to those extremely fat and overweight, this brave, bold lady doctor is releasing to the general public her secret for forever destroying the tight unrelenting closed-fist of obesity’s stronghold over the now more than 40% of Americans labeled obese, and others worldwide.

But she’s not promising any of us for how long.

Some experts and sociologists suggest that in the bigger scheme of things, the world will never tolerate a discovery of such magnitude, any more than it would be realistic to expect a car that runs on water (even if very real) to ever become commercially available to the general public for day-to-day use.

One well-respected and famous diet & wellness author wrote years ago that if anyone ever “truly unlocked the keys to permanent fat loss, they may actually suffer the same fate as JFK.”

It is currently available at:


…so you may want to head on over there now and get it and before someone or “something” gets it forever yanked out of ever getting in YOUR hand at least.

It’s in a very easily readable format and is quickly and readily understood and mastered by anyone with even a 4th grade reading level.

While you’re there, why not scroll down and review for yourself the huge successes others are now having with this incredible breakthrough in rapid, massive weight loss and extremely improved and enhanced health, now made freely available to the rest of us?

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Michael Jackson Wanted To Scrap ‘Thriller’

michael jackson hated Thriller and wanted to scrap the entire album, until a visit to a school playground changed his mind and encourgaed him to finish the biggest-selling record in history.

In a recently unearthed interview tape from the 1980s, Jackson tells how he almost canned the album because, he says on the tape, “it sucked.”.

“Thriller sounded so crap,” he says. “The mixes sucked. When we listened to the whole album, there were tears. I just cried like a baby. .

“I stormed out of the room and said, ‘We’re not releasing this. Call [record company] CBS and tell them they are NOT getting this album. We are NOT releasing this.'” .

Jackson explains how he left the studio in West Lake, Los Angeles, and ended up watching children play in a nearby playground. .

“I felt terrible,” he says. “One of the maintenance crew in the studio had a bicycle and so I took it and rode up to the schoolyard. I just watched the children play.”.

“And when I came back I was ready to rule the world. I went into the studio and I turned them songs out.” .

Jackson remixed a song a week and the album went on to sell 70 million copies.

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Caster Semenya a victim of the media?

caster semenyaCaster Semenya, the 18-year old at the center of one of the biggest gender scandals in sports history, withdrew from a weekend race in South Africa amidst unconfirmed reports that her gender tests have revealed that she has both male and female sexual organs.

She was scheduled to compete in the 4,000 meters at the national cross country championships in Pretoria. Semenya’s coach, Michael Seme, says his runner “isn’t feeling well”.

Yesterday, unsubstantiated reports from Australia and England said that Semenya’s tests showed that she has no womb or ovaries and produces testosterone levels three times higher than a normal woman. The IAAF thinly denies the reports. (The organization’s spokesman says he hasn’t “seen” the results, which doesn’t mean he hasn’t “heard” the results. Nor has the IAAF come out and said that the reports are false.)

The Today Show aired a report on the Semenya situation this morning:

It’s another chapter in an unfortunate story. It’s easy to get caught up in the sensationalized aspects of Semenya’s tale, but let’s not forget that she’s still just a teenager who is now the centerpiece of an embarrassing worldwide scandal. No matter how things progressed to this point (and we’ll get to that later), Semenya is a victim in this story.

But let’s operate under assumption that the tests were accurate and that Semenya has intersex conditions. If so, then there are three main questions that will need to be answered soon:

1) Will Semenya be stripped of her gold medal?

Probably. It’s hard to imagine that the IAAF would allow Semenya to keep the gold after what these tests reveal. The rules explicitly state that a “gender verification” situation has to be approved and overseen by medical authorities. Semenya didn’t do this. Fair or not, a rule is a rule.

2) Will Semenya ever be allowed to run again?

Reading the IAAF rules, it would appear that Semenya would be allowed to run if her condition was treated. Whether or not she would want to is anyone’s guess. But there’s also a chance she could be banned from running based on the answer to the next question.

3) Who knew about this and when did they know?

We haven’t gotten this far down the road yet, but the next logical step in the progression of this sordid affair is whether there was a coverup involved. Regardless of whether the intentions of Semenya and her handlers were nefarious, they had to know of her ambiguous gender. Not having ovaries isn’t something that goes unnoticed. If they did, then at what point did this turn from an unfortunate medical situation into outright deception?

If Semenya was an innocent running without knowledge of her condition, then there’s not much the IAAF could do other than strip her medal and advise her on how to regain eligibility. But if it can be determined that she knew she was running illegally (which would be tough to prove, but I’m starting to get the feeling that people knew — how else would other coaches have known to order gender tests?) then there could be heavy sanctions down the road.

These questions will be discussed in the coming weeks and will be the center of attention when the IAAF officially releases its findings in November. If you thought the tale of Caster Semenya was strange before, it’s just getting started.
Source: Yahoo

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Whitney Houston at Oprah

Oprah kicks off the 24th season of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on Monday, 9/14 with what she says is “the best interview” she’s ever done – her one-on-one with Whitney Houston.
The last tell-all that Whitney participated in was the infamous 2002 Diane Sawyer “crack is wack” interview that showed a feisty but ill Whitney defending her marriage and lifestyle.
Now with her marriage to Bobby Brown over (the divorce finalized in 2007) and her new album “I Look to You” entering the charts at No. 1, Whitney Houston has shed some demons and is ready to get truthful with her fans.

oprah & whitney houston

Before Oprah met with Whitney for their interview at the Town Hall in New York, she watched the 2002 Diane Sawyer spectacle and worried that she might find the same disconnected woman across from her the next day. So when she woke up the next morning, Oprah cleared her schedule and began to pray. She prayed to be open and non-judgmental and she prayed to be used as a vessel to help Whitney share her truth. Across town Whitney was in her own room praying for the same results.

Apparently, it worked. “There wasn’t a question that I asked that she didn’t answer thoughtfully,” Oprah told Diane Sawyer Thursday morning. And no topic was off limits, including Whitney’s drug use, her marriage to Bobby Brown, and even her fears about returning to the spotlight.

Source: Yahoo TV

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Tracy Raver Photography, New Born Photographer

tracy raver 11tracy raver 10tracy raver 9tracy raver 8tracy raver 7tracy raver 5tracy raver 4tracy raver 3tracy raver 2tracy raver 1Tracy Raver is an amazing photographer. She has the ability to illustrate the innocence, gentleness, and calmness of newborns in lovable portraits. It is amazing how she can get babies, as young as two weeks old, to pose in ways that look peaceful and entirely adorable.

Tracy Raver’s photography was featured on the Today Show this morning. She captures newborns napping with a peaceful contentment.

Tracy Raver photography is based in Nebraska, specializing in photographing newborn babies. Raver tells the Today show that she is able to catch the babies mid-slumber by keeping her studio warm and cozy.

Here are some of her photographs. Enjoy!

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Janet speaks out: About her last day with Michael, his eccentric style, and how she hopes he’s remembered

janet jackson harper's bazaar
Janet Jackson’s interview in the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar is almost entirely devoted to her brother Michael and, while you won’t find answers to the more mysterious questions surrounding the King of Pop’s life and death, the resulting article is still a sweet, and at times, fascinating read.

Speaking out for the time since her brother’s passing, the 43-year-old singer says the last time she saw Michael was May 14, just a few days before her birthday: “We had so much fun that day. We kept calling each other after and saying how great it was.” Janet also reveals some intimate details about the days following his death, including the decision to allow (Michael’s daughter) Paris to speak at the memorial service.”I was really proud,” she says. “People said to me that Michael’s daughter speaking really gave them a sense of how he was as a father, in her words. Paris is incredibly smart; they are all so smart. She’s a sweet girl. The kids are doing well. They’re with all their cousins; that family love will keep them going.”

For the entire story, head to newsstands this week, we’ve got some of the more interesting excerpts below:

What she’d like the world to know about Michael:
“He loved to laugh. The last time we were together, he’d laugh so hard, he would just start crying. Sometimes his humor would be corny, sometimes dry. He loved the Three Stooges, he loved slapstick, he loved Eddie Murphy in his silly comedies. He loved to have fun. He loved to play….People have told me, ‘I am an American citizen because of your brother.’ He wrote them a letter or something. He was just that giving, loving person. And the greatest entertainer there ever was. And is. I hope people get a glimpse of him now, some sort of picture.”
The rest of the article here.

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Why 09/09/09 Is So Special

Have special plans this 09/09/09?

Everyone from brides and grooms to movie studio execs are celebrating the upcoming calendrical anomaly in their own way.

In Florida, at least one county clerk’s office is offering a one-day wedding special for $99.99. The rarity of this Sept. 9 hasn’t been lost on the creators of the iPod, who have moved their traditional Tuesday release day to Wednesday to take advantage of the special date. Focus Features is releasing their new film “9,” an animated tale about the apocalypse, on the 9th.

Not only does the date look good in marketing promotions, but it also represents the last set of repeating, single-digit dates that we’ll see for almost a century (until January 1, 2101), or a millennium (mark your calendars for January 1, 3001), depending on how you want to count it.

Though technically there’s nothing special about the symmetrical date, some concerned with the history and meaning of numbers ascribe powerful significance to 09/09/09.

For cultures in which the number nine is lucky, Sept. 9 is anticipated – while others might see the date as an ominous warning.

Math magic

Modern numerologists – who operate outside the realm of real science – believe that mystical significance or vibrations can be assigned to each numeral one through nine, and different combinations of the digits produce tangible results in life depending on their application.

As the final numeral, the number nine holds special rank. It is associated with forgiveness, compassion and success on the positive side as well as arrogance and self-righteousness on the negative, according to numerologists.

Though usually discredited as bogus, numerologists do have a famous predecessor to look to. Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician and father of the famous theorem, is also credited with popularizing numerology in ancient times.

“Pythagoras most of all seems to have honored and advanced the study concerned with numbers, having taken it away from the use of merchants and likening all things to numbers,” wrote Aristoxenus, an ancient Greek historian, in the 4th century B.C.

As part of his obsession with numbers both mathematically and divine, and like many mathematicians before and since, Pythagoras noted that nine in particular had many unique properties.

Any grade-schooler could tell you, for example, that the sum of the two-digits resulting from nine multiplied by any other single-digit number will equal nine. So 9×3=27, and 2+7=9.

Multiply nine by any two, three or four-digit number and the sums of those will also break down to nine. For example: 9×62 = 558; 5+5+8=18; 1+8=9.

Sept. 9 also happens to be the 252nd day of the year (2 + 5 +2)…

Loving 9

Both China and Japan have strong feelings about the number nine. Those feelings just happen to be on opposite ends of the spectrum.

The Chinese pulled out all the stops to celebrate their lucky number eight during last year’s Summer Olympics, ringing the games in at 8 p.m. on 08/08/08. What many might not realize is that nine comes in second on their list of auspicious digits and is associated with long life, due to how similar its pronunciation is to the local word for long-lasting (eight sounds like wealth).

Historically, ancient Chinese emperors associated themselves closely with the number nine, which appeared prominently in architecture and royal dress, often in the form of nine fearsome dragons. The imperial dynasties were so convinced of the power of the number nine that the palace complex at Beijing’s Forbidden City is rumored to have been built with 9,999 rooms.

Japanese emperors would have never worn a robe with nine dragons, however.

In Japanese, the word for nine is a homophone for the word for suffering, so the number is considered highly unlucky – second only to four, which sounds like death.

Many Japanese will go so far as to avoid room numbers including nine at hotels or hospitals, if the building planners haven’t already eliminated them altogether.


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Dr. Oz leaving Oprah Winfrey for his own talk show

A young production staffer at “The Dr. Oz Show” wasn’t buttering up her boss when she took a bite out of a carrot as he approached in an elevator lobby recently.

Vegetables were on the menu. So were fruit, yogurt, whole-grain breads and natural peanut butter. True to a mission of making Americans healthier one at a time, Dr. Mehmet Oz banned all junk food backstage at his new talk show.

“The Dr. Oz Show,” starring the heart surgeon and health evangelist, debuts Sept. 14. It’s perhaps the most eagerly anticipated syndicated talk show since another Oprah Winfrey associate, Dr. Phil McGraw, went solo in 2002, said Bill Carroll, a market expert for Katz Television.

Oz has a sleek new studio at New York’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza in the same room where Conan O’Brien worked before heading West. Its most fearsome element is the “truth tube,” a platform that can display a person’s weight, body fat and other health indicators, much like “The Biggest Loser” scale.

His goal is to make health information interesting and entertaining without trivializing it.

“There is no question we can save lives every day if we can motivate people to do what we’re talking about,” Oz said in a backstage conversation over lunch (salads, of course). “The challenge isn’t what to say — because we know that — the challenge is how to say it so people are motivated.”
The rest of the article here.

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Michael Jackson’s glove auctioned in Australia

A bejeweled white glove Michael Jackson tossed to an Australian fan more than a decade ago sold at auction Sunday for 57,600 Australian dollars ($48,400), almost twice the estimated selling price.

Warwick Stone, a buyer for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, beat out five other bidders for the late King of Pop’s glove, said Charlotte Stanes, spokeswoman for the Melbourne auction house Bonhams and Goodman. The estimated selling price before the auction was AU$30,000.

“We are very happy with the result,” Stanes said. “It’s the first glove we know about in Australia.”

Bonhams and Goodman said it was the first auction of a Michael Jackson glove since his death on June 25 this year at age 50.

Jackson visited Australia in 1996 as part of his HIStory world tour. While in Sydney, he attended the Australian premiere for the film “Ghosts,” in which he had a starring role. At the end of the screening, he tossed the glove at audience member Bill Hibble, who has since died, said national head of collectables Giles Moon.

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