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The Art of RPG Game Mastering

Many people and many different game systems will give many different opinions as to what makes a successful Game Master. In the world of pen and dice RPG’s Game Masters or GM’s at their core are story tellers, referees, and character actors all rolled into one. Read more


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Bose iPod Dock and Bose on Ear Headphones – Two Music Pieces You Can’t Live With Out

Bose has created the Bose iPod dock and Bose on ear headphones both of which are technology that no music aficionado should be without. Ever since its inception we have all learned to fall in love with our iPod. Read more

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Meet the Beat Maker

Disc jockey, commonly called "deejay" is known to be a person that selects and plays recorded songs intended for an audience like in cocktail parties, clubs, or on the radio. There are various types of disc jockeys; among these are the radio DJs, club DJs, reggae, hip hop and Mobile disc jockeys. DJs that are working on radio stations introduce and play music but most of the time does a lot of talking on the air. Read more

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Slumdog Millionaire – A Review of a Great Movie

I recently watched the Hindi film, "Slumdog Millionaire," and am not sure that it will be possible to watch a better movie the rest of the year. I know that the movie caught a lot of flack, mainly due to its title and its portrayal of the poorer classes of India, but I think that these critics have overlooked the true intentions of the writers, director, and actors. Read more

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Staying Positive When the World is Falling Apart

We’re given a lot of emotional validation in modern society. Everywhere we look there’s something or somebody to tell us that our emotions are OK and even normal. Listen to the radio for a day and you’ll hear a whole lot of music validating that it’s perfectly OK to be depressed, angry, or a whole host of other emotions. But in the end, those emotions really don’t serve us well. Read more

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Justin Bieber Clothes – For a New Style Statement

Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop singer who graced this world with his birth on March 1st, 1994, and embarked on his professional career with his debut album titled ‘My World’ on November 17th, 2009. Justin’s destiny to attain fame as a rock star was apparent from his school days itself when he managed to win the second position at a local singing competition at a tender age of 12 years. Having been raised by his single mother, Justin proved to be a self learner in music when he trained to play a variety of instruments like the… Read more

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Talking Books Are Not Only For the Blind

I was surprised to learn that Talking Books are available for those who have a hearing deficit. In spite of good hearing aids, hearing loss may occasion the loss of the ability to hear and enjoy music. Talking Books, often read by distinguished actors, are a valuable substitute for the music I can no longer hear. Read more

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Digital Car USB MMC and MP3 Players

These USB MMC and MP3 player comes with clear LCD display. The entire quality of display is ok and the fully equipped all-in-one-unit offers the latest technology in terms of capability, connectivity and navigation. Needless to say, it provides the full set of functionality to operate and there are less efforts to switch and play your favourite music on MP3 as button operation is easy to understand. Read more

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How Does Music Affect Us?

Everywhere we go, we can hear different kinds of music. Though we sometimes are not aware of it, it has a lot of effects on us. Music is known to be a form of art involving sounds produced in various ways or through musical instruments. Read more

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Integrating Technology and Innovation – Reliable Music Teaching Resources

As music teachers, you need to come up with updated and innovative music teaching resources that can motivate and inspire your learners in many different ways. Creativity, versatility, reliability, innovativeness, effectiveness and efficiency are some of the many things that you have to consider in choosing your teaching techniques, tools and programs. Read more

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