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The new PS3 console doesn’t play PS2 games!!!

playstation 3 slimWhen Sony announced the Playstation 3 in 2006 at the wallet-busting prices of $499 and $599, even serious, dedicated gamers blanched. The new console was expensive enough to put many consumers off entirely, and despite a cut here and there, it’s remained firmly in the “overpriced” camp for many once-eager Sony fans.

But that was then.

Now, the PS3 has been put on a diet, earning a slim, trim new figure and a much healthier price tag of $299. The appropriately-named PS3 Slim launches on September 1, and if you’ve been waiting for the right time to take the Playstation plunge, this could be your big chance. So, is it worth it?

In a word, yes. In more words, read on.
We’re impressed with the PS3 Slim. It’s significantly lighter (nearly 4 pounds), thinner (about 33% less hefty), and greener (34% less power consumption) — not to mention much easier to sneak into your overcrowded entertainment center –than its monolithic forbear. With a solid 120 GB hard drive, it packs ample space for most gamers and retains all the online features, Blu-Ray movie playback, and media center functionality that made the original so tempting.

Did we say all the features? Actually, there’s one major omission: some older PS3 models are ‘backwards compatible’ and will play PS2 games games, but the Slim won’t. According to Sony brass, that feature is gone for good. Bah.
The rest of the article here!

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Kate coming to “The View”

Kate Gosselin, formerly of the super group Jon and Kate Plus 8, will sit in as co-host on “The View” for a few times in September. She with the spiky locks will apparently fill in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck while she’s on maternity leave. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that devotees of Ms. G will want to tune in on Sept. 14 and 15 to watch their favorite supermom mix it up with Whoopi and company.

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Chris Brown sentence

chris brown 2chris brown 1

Several months ago, singer Chris Brown was involved in a domestic violence case with fellow singer Rihanna. The case took the world by storm as many wondered what sort of punishment Mr. Brown would eventually receive. Those questions were answered this past weekend when a judge sentenced Brown to five years of probation, one year of domestic violence counseling, and six months of community service. The judge also placed a restraining order on Brown that requires him to stay 50 yards away from Rihanna. ” But the story ain’t over yet. Word has come out that Brown may have already violated his probation. If so, a spokesperson from the LAPD says “it won’t be taken lightly.”

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Michael Jackson – Weekend MTV

Sub sloganul “M is For Michael”, MTV ii dedica lui Michael Jackson, cu ocazia aniversarii a 51 de ani de la nasterea regelui muzicii pop, weekendul din 29-30 august!

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Madonna booed in Bucharest for defending Gypsies – Comments welcome on this!!!

BUCHAREST, Romania – At first, fans politely applauded the Roma performers sharing a stage with Madonna. Then the pop star condemned widespread discrimination against Roma, or Gypsies — and the cheers gave way to jeers.

The sharp mood change that swept the crowd of 60,000, who had packed a park for Wednesday night’s concert, underscores how prejudice against Gypsies remains deeply entrenched across Eastern Europe.

Despite long-standing efforts to stamp out rampant bias, human rights advocates say Roma probably suffer more humiliation and endure more discrimination than any other people group on the continent.

Sometimes, it can be deadly: In neighboring Hungary, six Roma have been killed and several wounded in a recent series of apparently racially motivated attacks targeting small countryside villages predominantly settled by Gypsies.

“There is generally widespread resentment against Gypsies in Eastern Europe. They have historically been the underdog,” Radu Motoc, an official with the Soros Foundation Romania, said Thursday.

Roma, or Gypsies, are a nomadic ethnic group believed to have their roots in the Indian subcontinent. They live mostly in southern and eastern Europe, but hundreds of thousands have migrated west over the past few decades in search of jobs and better living conditions.

Romania has the largest number of Roma in the region. Some say the population could be as high as 2 million, although official data put it at 500,000.

Until the 19th century, Romanian Gypsies were slaves, and they’ve gotten a mixed response ever since: While discrimination is widespread, many East Europeans are enthusiastic about Gypsy music and dance, which they embrace as part of the region’s cultural heritage.
The rest of the article here!

Enjoy live from the crowd images below:

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Madonna a sosit la Bucuresti

In aceasta seara 70000 de spectatori vor vedea show-ul Madonnei in Parcul Izvor.

Madonna si-a sarbatorit la Varsovia pe scena cei 51 de ani. Pe urma a concertat la Budapesta in 22 August, la Belgrad in 24 August. Va fi un spectacol de exceptie.

Turneul Sticky&Sweet include 58 de orase si aduna incasari de peste 400 milioane dolari.

Madonna calatoreste insotita de prietenul ei in varsta de 22 de ani si de cei 4 copii ai sai. Este cazata la Hotelul Radisson SAS .

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Frenchman hurt by ‘exploding iPhone’

MARSEILLE, France (AFP) – A French security guard said Tuesday he had received a faceful of glass when the screen of his iPhone exploded, the second such reported incident in France.

Yassine Bouhadi, a 26-year-old supermarket watchman from the southeastern town of Villevieille, said he was typing a text message on Monday afternoon when the screen exploded.

Bouhadi, who says he was hit in the eye with a glass shard, said he was “very angry” and planned to consult a doctor and file suit for damages.

“I want an explanation about this damned telephone,” said Bouhadi, who bought the hugely-popular smartphone device for 600 euros (850 dollars) three months ago and now wants his money back.

France’s official competition, consumer affairs and fraud watchdog, the DGCCRF, said Tuesday it had opened an investigation after a French teenager suffered an eye injury in a similar iPhone incident earlier this month.

“An investigation is under way. We have been alerted to the problem and we are looking into it closely,” said a spokesman from the agency.

The US technology giant Apple, which makes the iPhone and the iPod music player, assured the European Union on August 14 that the exploding screen cases reported so far were “isolated incidents.”

The French cases come a few weeks after an uproar in Britain over an exploding iPod owned by an 11-year-old girl.
The rest of the article here.

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AP Source: Coroner rules Jackson’s death homicide

LOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson’s death has been ruled a homicide caused by a mix of drugs meant to treat insomnia, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press, while his personal doctor told investigators he was actually trying to wean the King of Pop off the powerful anesthetic that did him in.

Forensic tests found the anesthetic propofol combined with at least two sedatives to kill Jackson, according to the official, who spoke Monday on condition of anonymity because the findings have not been publicly released. Based on those tests, the Los Angeles County Coroner has ruled the death a homicide, the official said.

The coroner’s homicide ruling does not necessarily mean a crime was committed. But it makes it more likely criminal charges will be filed against Dr. Conrad Murray, the Las Vegas cardiologist who was caring for the pop star when he died June 25 in a rented Los Angeles mansion.

Through his lawyer, Murray has said he administered nothing that “should have” killed Jackson.

Murray told investigators that Jackson stopped breathing about 10 minutes after he relented and finally gave in to his patient’s demands for propofol around 10:40 a.m., following a night-long regimen of sedatives that did not work, according to court documents unsealed Monday.

A search warrant affidavit unsealed in Houston, where Los Angeles police took materials from one of Murray’s clinics last month as part of their manslaughter investigation, includes a detailed account of what detectives say Murray told them. Manslaughter is homicide without malice or premeditation.

The doctor said he’d been treating Jackson for insomnia for about six weeks with 50 milligrams of propofol every night via an intravenous drip, the affidavit said. Murray said he feared Jackson was becoming addicted to the anesthetic, which is supposed to be used only in hospitals and other advanced medical settings, so he had lowered the dose to 25 milligrams and added the sedatives lorazepam and midazolam.
The rest of the article here.
Another video from his great artistic activity.

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Coroner says Jackson died from lethal dose of propofol

HOUSTON (Reuters) – Pop star Michael Jackson died from a lethal dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol given in a cocktail of drugs, leading authorities to suspect his doctor of manslaughter, court documents showed on Monday.

The “Thriller” singer suffered cardiac arrest and died on June 25 at age 50. Since then, an investigation by state and federal agencies have focused on Conrad Murray, Jackson’s personal doctor who was at his bedside the day he died.

The findings, contained in a warrant to search Murray’s home and offices, paint a picture of an insomniac pop star who could not sleep without heavy medication. Jackson sought out propofol — routinely used to sedate patients and anesthetize them before surgeries such as a colonoscopy — and called it his “milk.”

“The Los Angeles Chief Medical Examiner-Coroner, Dr. (Lakshmanan) Sathyavagiswaran, indicated that he had reviewed the preliminary toxicology results and his preliminary assessment of Jackson’s cause of death was due to lethal levels of propofol (diprivan),” according to a warrant to search Murray’s offices issued by California.

The document was unsealed and released by the Harris County District Clerk in Houston, where Murray has an office. U.S. agents raided the office on July 22.

In an affidavit seeking the warrant, Houston police officer E.G. Chance said U.S. agents had gathered “items constituting evidence of the offense of manslaughter that tend to show that Dr. Conrad Murray committed the said criminal offense.”

Murray’s attorney, Ed Chernoff, was not available to comment.

In a statement, a representative said Jackson’s family has “full confidence in the legal process, and commends the ongoing efforts of the L.A. County Coroner, the L.A. District Attorney and the L.A. Police Department.”
The rest of the article here.
Let’s remember one again how great he was!

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Miss Universe 2009, Ooops, Venezuela dit it again!

LIFE-US-MISSUNIVERSEYes, Venezuala did it again!

NASSAU, Bahamas – Miss Venezuela was the fairest of them all once again, winning the 2009 Miss Universe crown for the second year straight and the sixth time since the pageant’s creation.

Dressed in a flowing red gown, 18-year-old Stefania Fernandez hugged the runner-up from the Dominican Republic and danced in joy as her victory was announced Sunday.

The crown briefly fell to the floor as it passed from one Venezuelan beauty to the next.

But Fernandez said there was time for outgoing Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza to whisper in her ear that she must have worked hard for Venezuela to win consecutive crowns.

“What do we Venezuelans have?” Fernandez, an international relations student, told reporters after the pageant. “That we are ourselves.”

The other top-five finalists were runner-up Ada Aimee de la Cruz, followed by Miss Kosovo, Droga Ganusha; Miss Australia, Rachael Finch; and Miss Puerto Rico, Mayra Matos Perez.

During a question-and-answer segment with the five top finalists, Fernandez said she believed women have overcome obstacles such as hitting the proverbial glass ceiling.

“I feel we have reached the level that men are at,” she said.

When asked later how she thought beauty contests promoted equality between men and women, Fernandez said they provided exposure.

“We have quite a following worldwide,” she said. “We are models to follow.”

The new Miss Universe is from the city of Merida in the west of a beauty-obsessed South American country where hard-fought pageants are something of a national sport, with contestants widely dissected by the public and the media.

Fernandez said she did not know whether Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez would receive her. He did not meet with Mendoza when she won and made no public statements at the time.

But Fernandez said he might change his mind.

“We’ll see, because we are making history,” she said.

The top 15 Miss Universe finalists appeared in bathing suits before the final 10 were chosen for the evening gown segment.

Pageant co-owner Donald Trump told reporters, “I think this is the most beautiful group of women I’ve ever seen.”

The televised event included musical performances by Flo Rida, Heidi Montag, David Guetta and Kelly Rowland.

Montag gave her first live performance, singing “Body Language” from her debut album.

Fans cheered on the blond star of MTV’s “The Hills,” although NBC, which broadcast the event in the Bahamas live, blocked out more than half of her performance as they introduced the 15 finalists.

“It’s my first performance live and it’s in front of a billion eyes,” Montag said.

The on-stage hosts were Billy Bush, co-anchor of “Access Hollywood,” and Claudia Jordan, a former Miss Rhode Island USA who has appeared on several TV shows. Judges included actor Dean Cain and supermodel Valeria Mazza.

Miss China, Wang Jingyao, was named Miss Congeniality and Miss Thailand, Chutima Durongdej, won Miss Photogenic.

Many contestants have suffered from dehydration in recent weeks, and Jewel Selver, Miss Turks and Caicos, went home Saturday to recuperate, said Esther Swan, Miss Universe spokeswoman.
Source: Associated Press

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