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Madonna-mania in Athens Greece


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Madonna live in Athens-Sticky&Sweet Tour-on 27th of September 2008

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Powerfull Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie Kevin Mazur/

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been named the most powerful people in Hollywood.

Brad toppled Tom Cruise‘s four-year reign as Most Powerful Actor, whereas Angelina claimed the title of Most Powerful Actress, after tying with Brad’s former wife Jennifer Aniston for the title in2008 in the list compiled by Guinness Book of World Records 2009.

Guinness calculated the ‘Most Powerful’ records through its own system which takes into account internet searches, press stories and earnings.

Brad, 44, and Angelina, 33, recently sold the first pictures of their newborn twins – Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon, born in July – for a reported £7 million, the highest amount ever paid for a set of exclusive baby photos. They have said they will donate the money to charity.

Also in the 2009 edition of Guinness’s definitive trivia title, US pop singer Britney Spears continued her comeback by replacing Paris Hilton as the most searched for individual on the internet.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson is named the highest earning actor, with the 68 films he has appeared in taking £4.1 billion at the box office. The team of actor Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton is named the most lucrative Hollywood partnership, grossing £550 million from the six films they have worked on together.

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Romanian fast growing blogs (II)

Today we would like to present two blogs very active this week: -a kind of warrior

Blogul Jos textila – a kind of take your cloth off…

Now, enjoy!

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Sad Panda…

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Romanian famous bloggers (4)

Today we present to you :


These blogs are very famous too in the Romanian “blogosfera”.

Just click the adress and you will see…

By the way, do you know the meaning of the words cocalar and jeg? If you don’t know check with google translate or babel fish, or ignore the translation.

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Leonard Cohen live in Bucharest

An amazing concert in Bucharest

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Days of Bucharest

Fireworks in Piata Constitutiei

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Bryan Adams live in Bucharest

In Parcul Izvor on 20th of September 2008.

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How Pink stays Green, from OMG

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