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Gossip never ending

I intend to collect on this blog all the existing sites and blogs where gossip is the first priority. It’s funny, isn’t it?

Another adress:

Enjoy life with gossip!

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Despre celebritati si problemele lor: celulita

Vedetele, celebritatile au si ele problemele lor de tot felul. Surprinse de fotografi insistenti, in fotografii se poate vedea ceea ce se ascunde ochilor marelui public, de obicei:

Deatalii, aici:

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Vedete care distrug familiile altora

Moda aceasta a existat dintotdeauna si la vedete si la oamenii simpli:

E chic, de bon ton, da bine prin tabloide si pe sticla, pe net…

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Gossip about celebrities

You could find a lot of details here:

or here:

Just check it!

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Lenny Kravitz-concert live at Bucharest, Romania

On Cotroceni Stadium on Saturday’s night, Lenny Kravitz made a confusion: he forgot being in Romania and he said “Hungary, we need you for Love Revolution”. Over fifteen millions of Romanian had a normal reaction of disaproval, Lenny received some explanations from his staff and he finally apologized for the mistake he has done. It’s happening, what to do?

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Male bloggers vs.female bloggers

It is a continue fight between them. Male bloggers consider that they are always the best, but they are very often wrong. They want to have always the last word, they want to control everything, but this isn’t possible.

And when a female blogger doesn’t obey them, they become very angry and dangerous, they are blaming her, they are sending her dirty messages using stupid nicks, they are trying to intimidate her, to make her leaving the internet, because they are the kings of the net.

At the end, everyone is learning a lesson with a lot of nervs, drops and frustrations.

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A lot of gossip around

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Gossip, gossip, gossip

We’ll provide to you the best gossip you’ve ever heard. We are newcomers, nubies, dude, but you’ll see how good we are. We know a lot of hot stories about the bloggers, but as long as they are nice we’ll not say anything bad about them, otherwise…

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